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Sometimes it feels better to be outside, moving while exploring and processing emotions, pain, worry or frustration. Being outside in nature, feeling the elements, moving in rhythm can feel grounding, peaceful and be deeply soothing. The repetitive movement can also calm the cycling brain and allow access to deeper thoughts and feelings.


Walking has proven benefits to physical and mental health, and may feel more comfortable and safe to some people than sitting across from their therapist. It can also provide relief for those of us stuck at a desk or seated all day.

Picturesque Walk


"Walk-and-Talk" therapy accesses the power of movement and nature in the therapeutic experience by walking at a gentle pace in a serene setting while experiencing the same type of "talk therapy" that would happen in an office.

The client sets the relaxed, conversational pace, and we pause at times to notice surroundings, sit on a bench & appreciate nature.


"Walk-and-talk" sessions happen in most weather (outside of extremes) although we can always discuss options and comfort. Intro sessions are done in office, with future sessions outdoors for the same length & cost as in-office therapy.


"Walk-and-talk" therapy is a good option if the idea of a therapist's office feels unsettling, or if you find that you feel more yourself outside in nature. Currently these are being held at a beautiful, flat path in Louisville, CO.

Contact me to learn more.

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