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Support groups can be a therapeutic way to enhance the individual counseling you are doing or a way separately to build connections and learn from other people who share similar experiences, stories, grief, or are in similar stages in life.


 Hope Counseling & Family Therapy runs a variety of support groups based on community need. Currently I am hosting an Empty Nest Support Group and a Bereavement Support Group for anyone (all religions/genders/ages/backgrounds) who is grieving the death of a loved one.

As a caring, dedicated, involved member of this community, HCFT often chooses support groups to run based on needs in the community, so please reach out directly if there is a group that you would like to see. Other groups include:

Supporting New Parents


Parenting teenagers

LBTQ+ families

Loneliness & Community Connection

Happily Single & Childless (40+)

Caring for Elders

Empty Nest support group

Members can relate to the experiences, feelings, worries, challenges, anxiety, joy and relationship changes that often occur during this time of life.

Over the course of 6 weeks, we will explore:

Identity - Who am I now, Who do I want to be now?

Transitions/Rituals - launching this "new chapter" of life

Relationships - friendships, romantic

Self-Care & tools for mindfulness, grounding

Exploring Grief and Possibility

Staying Connected to Children, New rules

We will explore these and/or other topics based on what feels most relevant and important to the group each week.

The current (April 2024) group is FULL but please reach out to be put on the waitlist for the next group.

Contact me to learn more.

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