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Book a free consultation call using the calendar below or feel free to contact me directly via email or text (719-315-4987) to schedule.

I believe you deserve to work with someone you connect with and feel comfortable withYou will receive the greatest benefit if you find a therapist you feel safe talking to, who you feel understands you and lets you open up.


That may not be me! I will be happy to help you find resources or referrals if you don't feel like it's the right fit - I know how hard it can be to make that first call and one way I can support you is to help you find what you need.


I will also let you know if I don't think I'm the right fit for you, as I want to ensure that I'm equipped to give you the best service, and achieve the most growth, possible. 

I conduct psychotherapy with clients all across Colorado, including safe, HIPAA-compliant online therapy if you cannot come to the office. I also coach clients across the US & around the world, including expats living abroad.

HCFT does not accept insurance at this time. We can discuss rates & options on our call, including if any sliding scale appointments are open at that time.

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