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To be human means to exist in this world in relationship with other humans - partners, parents, children, siblings, family, friends. Relationships are complex & challenging, because they touch on what it means to feel heard & unheard, to be seen & unseen, to feel loved & unloved.


Often the roots of some of our deepest pain and disappointment lies in the connection we ache for in relationship with others.

I invite romantic couples, parent+teens and family/friend pairs to improve their communication and find relief from loneliness, frustration & unhappiness. Relationship therapy does not mean something went bad, it means something is still good - loving people aching to connect, support each other, and build better, happier lives.

COUPLES...& Not just couples

One of the most positive experiences in therapy is finding ways to connect, communicate and give & receive love in relationship. When two people come together to be heard, to learn to really listen, to validate and understand each other, there is often tremendous growth, a reduction in symptoms, increase in happiness & life satisfaction.

But first, we have to acknowledge and accept that it is normal, honest and real to have contradictory feelings:


We can love our partners/children/families and also hate them sometimes.


We can experience deep loneliness while surrounded by other people.


We can want to push others away while simultaneously wishing they would be closer.

To build honest, loving connections, we must work together safely to explore all of our feelings, as well as to listen, hear, and understand the full, subjective experiences of the people we love.

Whether you want to connect on a deeper level with a partner or spouse, a child or parent, a sibling or chosen family member, together we will create a safe space to learn, talk openly, explore needs, and build  healthier, more respectful and more loving connections.


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