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A family is its own ever-changing, evolving unit that is deeply impacted by all its members. When one member of the family is struggling, all family members feel it. Even the smallest of changes can create frustrations & disappointments, and demand that family members find new ways to adapt and communicate.


To make things even more complex, the changes that challenge a family can include happy ones! Even in the joy that a milestone, success or achievement brings, the family is tasked with evolving again, shifting roles & responsibilities. Families must work to create space for, honor, listen and care for each member.


Family therapy isn't about dealing with the "squeaky wheel" or finding the "problem child" - it honors the myriad priorities and choices that must be made constantly by the family system. 

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sometimes you choose a family, sometimes a family chooses you

Family therapy is appropriate for all groups of loved ones including nuclear families, single/dual/multiple caregivers, chosen and adult families, adopted and bio families, those with and without children, non-traditional family units - you don't need a DNA test to come to family therapy. For families of two, relationship therapy is also available. 


Your family unit is special and unique, and has its own needs, spoken and unspoken rules, and expression of love.

Family therapy is typically in-person with all members over the age of 13 present as needed. In addition to talk therapy, family therapy may includes games, activities & techniques aimed to help families connect, listen, understand each other better and improve life at home.


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