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You are a unique


No one's experience is exactly like yours and no one can truly understand exactly what you are going through. But with empathy, compassion & honesty, I will help you make sense of the challenges you are facing, uncover the sources of your pain & disappointment, and find clarity, hope & purpose to move through them to a brighter future. You don't have to do this alone.


Therapy is not about fixing what's wrong with you,

it's about nurturing what's right with you.

Whether you are struggling to adjust to change, worried about the future, aching as you grieve, hurting from experiences or longing to find meaning in your life, I would be honored to go with you down your path. Whatever we come across, we'll face it together. 

Wheat Field


I work with adults of all ages/genders/identities, specializing in "life crises" and challenging transitions such as divorce/breakups, career change/retirement, parenting, aging, loss of purpose, disruptions to home life - and all the anger, sadness, anxiety and fear that come along for the ride. 


I also have success working with driven, high-powered, "Type A" clients who find it hard to slow down, feel their emotions, unravel patterns or understand conflict at work, at home and in their everyday lives. With caring, empathetic "tough love," I help them interrupt anxiety, sift through desires and needs, and redefine a strong, authentic self to match their circumstance, responsibilities and dreams.


If you feel stuck and unable to move forward, feel lost searching for purpose as you move into that next phase, or even just trying to make sense of how you got here in the first place, we will work together to uncover what you really want out of life and practice the skills that will allow you to achieve it.


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Mountains Meet Lake


I am honored to support teens and believe they deserve a safe, confidential therapeutic space as they navigate difficult social landscapes, pressures from society/school/ family, new responsibilities, anxiety & fear about the future, and anger, frustration & conflict at home. 

While I am steadfast in my commitment to confidentiality and privacy, I do ask that caregivers join in the process via occasional checkins, meetings, or therapeutic activities, all based on the teen's needs & comfort. In my experience, the best outcomes happen when teens are able to safely bring parents/caregivers/family into the process, allowing them to feel heard, respected & more supported at home.

I also offer relationship therapy for any two people, including parent/caregivers with teens. I'd be happy to discuss this option with an interested teen, adult or both. 


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Mountains Meet Lake

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