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hope counseling 
&family therapy

Specializing in relationships &

challenging life transitions

Offering In-Person, Online & Outdoor Therapy

Sunrise over Mountains

Specializing in relationships, grief & challenging life transitions

Hope counseling &
family therapy

"Hope is a verb."

~Dr. Jacqueline Mattis

About Hope

I am a board-certified psychotherapist specializing in relationships (couples, parent+teen, adult family) and individuals facing difficult life transitions (aging, parenting, career disruption, divorce/re-coupling, grief, illness, mid- and elder- life concerns.)

I hold a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the Family Institute at Northwestern University, as well as certification in Positive Psychology from Harvard Medical School. 

I believe in the power of understanding the past AND

in the hope of realizing a new future.

Please reach out for a free call when you're ready. I'd love to meet you.

Hope Counseling & Family Therapy

"You're facing down a dark hall/

I'll grab my light and go with you"

~Twenty One Pilots

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